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  • This is the price that would be given for the ride when you call or place an on line reservation or calculated By you using our fare calculator and does not include the following.


    There is a $6 toll for trips made to NYC from the state of New Jersey. As well as $4.50 toll To JFK, LGA airports depending on the route chosen. Magic Touch Limo will charge for all Round trip tolls to and from the designated destination.
    Magic Touch Limo charges $36 per hour for any waiting time that occurs after the given grace Period which is 20 minutes at local pickups {for local pickups we add what ever time Over the 20 minutes + the 20 minutes}, and 30 minutes (domestic flights), 45 minutes (International flights) at AIRPORT pickups {for Airport pickups we do not count the 30 or 45 minutes grace period to the waiting time if it exceeds it we only count what Ever over the grace period. All additional waiting time will be billed at 5 minutes Increments ($3 for every 5 minutes). It's always advised for passengers to inform us of any Major delays or changes in their schedule to avoid waiting time charges.
    Magic Touch Limo charges their clients a fee of $6 for the first hour during airport inside pickups And $3 for every additional hour. To avoid parking charges you can always request an OUTSIDE pickup for free.
    Magic Touch Limo charges $10.00 for stops made within the same town. $15 for stops made in Towns within the route of destination. Half of the basic fare for stops made at towns not Within the route of destination.


  • Magic Touch Limo does not apply any MANDATORY GRATUITIES or any HIDDEN FEES to its clients however a tip can be given separately to the driver upon the Customer's discretion and content.


  • Magic Touch Limo offers their clients the latest facility of communications within the vehicle From national and international phone calls. Magic Touch Limo charges $1 per minute for National calls and $3 per minute for international calls.


    Magic Touch Limo offers its clients this option where the driver will be instructed to meet The passenger by the baggage claim with a sign that has his or her last name on it, the driver Will then escort the passenger to the designated car location (Assisting with the luggage). This package comes with a complimentary **30 minutes free** from the scheduled arrival Time and cost an additional $7.You can always request an OUTSIDE PICK UP (By the curb) to avoid such charges.
    Magic Touch Limo recommends that parents get their own BABY SEATS however we can Provide one for an additional $7 (please include that when you place your reservation).

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